16 января 2007

Hello world from FuckingPirate!

Некто под ником FuckingPirate (блог уже удалён) во всю хакает различные seo-ресурсы. Уже есть первые пострадавшие из его списка. Ниже читайте полный текст сообщения хакера:

Who am I?

My name is XXX. I am XXX years old, I live in XXX and I’m what some people might call a “computer geek”.

In-real-life I study and own a web development studio. Online I’m a well known white hat SEO. You can find me at v7n, threadwatch, webmasterworld, digitalpoint and reading stuff from blogs like personified, copyblogger & seomoz (In fact I’m a moderator at one or two of those forums!) I love to help newbie’s on forums, movies and long walks on the beach… I have an “evil” alter ego called FuckingPirate.

FuckingPirate loves racking, warez, black hat stuff and general mayhem ;) FuckingPirate hangs out at IRC and spends all his bandwidth downloading torrents and yet-another asian porn video. As you might noticed, this site to my dark side…

What I’m going to do?

I’m going to crack all the SEO related sites/blogs/forums that I can… Maybe once in a while a non-SEO site will slip into the list but what the hell! Who cares anyways?

I will publish here detailed information on how I did it and maybe the juicy stuff that I find on their sites - Backups, sql dumps, secret stuff… who knows :)

Actually no, I’m so sorry that was my WH side speaking… I will not publish the juicy stuff, I will trade it for stuff that I need & e-gold. If the owner acts like a biatch, the juice will end up at the little green demon

Why I’m doing this?

1. Because I want

2. Because I can

3. Because lately the SEO industry is LAME and BORING - Want a proof of that?

- The SEO industry is just a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus making more money from their “guru” status than from SEO.

- The blogsphere (God I hate that word) is filled with countless “SEO blogs” syndicating what other “SEO blog” syndicated from another “SEO blog” that syndicated some bullshit guru.

- The most insightful and fun thing that has happened recently in the SEO industry (and anyways It was a looong time ago!) was the freaking search engine spammer who indexed billions of pages in Google thanks to a bug in Blogger, some DNS wildcards and a PHP content generator. Oh boy, people over webmasterwold and digitalpoint where going crazy about it!. So I’m about to bring back some fun to your lives…

When will I start?

As we speak…

The list

www.mattcutts.com – Mess with the best, die like the rest? He scares me… Just typing his site in this list makes me tremble

www.spamhuntress.com – That bitch needs some AdultFriendFinder love ASAP!

www.shoemoney.com – A bald “guru”, he is like the Buda of the SEO “gurus” (See eliteretreat.info)




ha.ckers.org – The hardest one of the list. Hats off to RSnake and iD!

www.v7n.com - Actually I’m just going to target blog.v7n.com and their forums

forums.digitalpoint.com – Hard

www.webmasterworld.com – They have the ugliest backend (and forum!) I’ve seen in my life

www.seoblackhat.com – The blog and the private forums (I help out n00bs over there once in a while)






www.digg.com – I’m not aiming for a deface; rather I will find & release ways to game their “democratic” system (This will make happy some webmasters out there)

www.techcrunch.com – Had access to their server until they updated their stuff. This is the biggest target on the list…

www.johnchow.com – Dude wtf?! You came out of the blur and now your blog is everywhere

www.seobook.com – Your book is not that good anyways so get lost…


Don’t feel unimportant if your site is not listed here, more and more sites will be added gradually ;)

Хакер переехал. Следите за событиями :)


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